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Our mission is to give you the tools to form a deep connection with your kids through basic meditation.

Enter. The KMM Technique, a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude training, that not only has the power to uplevel your kids health, sleep and wellbeing, but help them focus in the classroom and thrive at home.

The Kids Meditation Movement Technique is a trifecta of mental tools used by the world’s top performers. You learn the technique once by enrolling in our KmmLIVE or KmmONLINE courses, and then you’ve got a practice you can do on your own for life.

Our amazing team of veteran meditators and primary school teachers will help guide you on your journey, answer your questions, and help you weave this powerful practice into the busy-ness of your every day.

We have worked with thousands of amazing humans plus one therapy dog across hundreds of primary schools, pre-schools and childcare services. We have entered thousands of inboxes teaching our online courses, and we are rapidly expanding.

Over 20,000 Kids, thousands of Teachers and Parents and hundreds of Entrepreneurs and their families have already learned to meditate with us, using the KMM technique either in person (KmmLIVE) or online (KmmONLINE). When you graduate from Kids Meditation Movement, you’ll have an incredible, supportive community, a super-powerful daily practice and the ability to help your kids step into their full potential.

Your Kids deserve the most amazing version of themselves.

I am a Mum to three kids aged 5 and under. I am a Primary School teacher and the lead contact teacher in a Social and Emotional Outpatient Program in a Melbourne Hospital, working closely with the Child Youth Mental Health Service. I am a 10-minute daily meditator and I use simple and powerful meditation techniques daily. I am so passionate about building confident, courageous, self-empowered kids.

With 1 in 5 kids suffering from anxiety, I am passionate working with parents and teachers to reverse this statistic and giving them the tools to support kids to be the best version of themselves.



  • 2002 – Bachelor Business & Bachelor Marketing, Monash University, Australia

  • 2004 – Bachelor Education (Graduate), Charles Darwin University, Australia

  • 2006 – Meditation Teacher Training, Melbourne Meditation Centre, Australia

  • 2007 – Founded Kids Meditate

  • 2009 – Diploma of Counselling, AIPC, Australia

  • 2011 – Austin Hospital School/CYMHS

  • 2012 – Founded the Austin Hospital School's Therapy Dog Program for Outpatients / Inpatients.

  • 2013 – Became a Mum

  • 2014 – Reached 10,000 clients, working in mindfulness education

  • 2015 - Went Global through our online programs for Parents and Teachers. We ain't just for Kids!

  • 2016 – 'The Happiness Experiment' Mindset Journal was published and became available for purchase through amazon.

  • 2017- Expanded Kids Meditate with awesome staff to manage our school incursion programs- welcome Polly McKenzie and Mandy Ebbage!

  • 2018- Resilient Preschools became our new focus. Preschoolers, just like their elder siblings, need resilience. We continue to work in schools and our online programs enter 1700 teachers inboxes and 3500 Parents inboxes worldwide..... and counting

  • 2019- We have become a Kids Meditation Movement! Kelly has been regarded as one of the leaders in the field, working with kids aged 3-12 and delivering value and impact in her online courses. Our Meditation Movement in classrooms and whole school assemblies is off the charts! We love what we do.

kelly gratitude journal.JPG

Kids Meditation Movement has served over
70 Victorian Primary schools , preschools and early learning centres. We have engaged with over 22,000 students and delivered our online courses to over 5700 teachers and parents inboxes.


I want to thank you personally for the work you have put into mindfulness education across our entire school. Thanks for your engaging staff seminar and getting us thinking about mindfulness in our personal lives. Finally, your 5 day mindfulness program delivered to our parent community has been phenomenal. Thank you for going above and beyond.
— Andrew Johnson, Wellbeing Teacher, Montmorency South Ps
“Four year olds can meditate. What a phenomenal program, there is nothing quite like this.
— Miss Garvey - Kindergarten teacher, 4 year old program
This program is so powerful, all of the students were so engaged.
— Mrs Gould - Gr 1/2 teacher
I have ADHD and find it hard to sit still. This helped me find my still.
— Jackson- student Gr 5
Did you know that most people only have one positive thought for every seven negative thoughts? Mindfulness expert Kelly Mandemaker informed us during Tuesday evening’s information session, that this figure should be more like 1:3. Negative self-talk contributes to mental health issues and at times, the manner in which we communicate with our children impacts on their ability to think positively. This Program has been phenomenal for students, teachers and parents in our community
— Mrs Nash - Assistant Principal

What an honor to be named as the 'go to' organisation in Melbourne for teaching kids about basic mindfulness and resilience habits. This article was featured in the Sunday Life Magazine.

Front Page News....

Founder of Kids Meditate, Kelly Mandemaker, was featured in the Heidelberg Leader for her commitment to Kids Wellbeing Initiatives in her community. Kelly founded the Austin Hospital's School 'Therapy Dog' program in 2012. The program still runs today.

Pictured: Selwyn the Therapy Dog

Guide Dogs Victoria Graduation Ceremony

Kelly Mandemaker and Selwyn the 'Companion Dog' formally become a partnership for the Austin Hospital School's Therapy Dog Program for Inpatients and Outpatients of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and The Austin School.

Kelly founded this program in 2012.

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