Day 2- Gratitude - Let’s Build Resilience

Another two short videos today. I love the brain! I hope you will love the brains role in building resilience ( as much I do!)

Children learn more in one week, than adults previously learned in an entire year.

They have access to information with a swipe of a screen. 
Their curiosity can be quenched almost instantaneously.

So, why are Australian children facing a mental health crisis?

1 in 7 primary aged children suffer from anxiety in a given year.  What is creating this increase in mental health and a decrease in wellbeing?

Effectively, children simply have exposure to more than their brains can filter.

So what is one solution? Teaching kids to take control of positive emotions. 

Giving them the tools to building positive emotions and positive emotional literacy actually builds cognitive capacity and rewires our brain to scan the world for positives.

The following mindfulness strategies are supported by scientific evidence of their effectiveness in increasing cognitive function, promoting wellbeing and reducing the effects of anxiety.

Simply forming a habit to focus on 'What went well TODAY' over a 22 day period rewires the brain to scan the world for positives. 

Do it for 47 days and it is proven to have increased physical impact such as increased laughter, increased sleep, higher energy levels and are more optimistic.