Day 3- Hydration

Let’s drink our way towards Resilience

 85% of brain tissue is water. 
Dehydration causes energy generation in the brain to decrease. 
Some studies show that water is a great “anxiety quencher”. 
When the body is dehydrated, in can actually induce anxiety and nervousness. 
When we are dehydrated our cells feel it at the molecular level and communicate this to the subconscious as an underline subtle anxiety or threat to survival.

 The key to today's resilience technique is to drink more water
 - Focus and productivity are increased
- Kids ( and adults) become less stressed
- Our body and brain work at its optimum
- AND it's such a simple mindfulness technique ( 30 seconds)

That’s it…. Left feeling a little shocked at how quick today’s training is?…. you shouldn’t be

Re-Play the video and drink some water while you watch… your brain will thank you

( and we know how much we now LOVE our brains)