Introduction to the 5-Day Resilience Course

Welcome! Let’s do this!

These videos were the original pilot series developed by Kelly Mandemaker for Kids Meditate, sent to over 1200 inboxes in 2017. These videos are imperfect, however, that’s what resilience is, taking imperfect action! Enjoy x

Welcome to the 5-Day Resilient Preschool (Parent) Video series

The five simple techniques that I will deliver to you each day are Simple, Effective, Brain Based and designed for Kids aged 4-13.... they are also great for busy parents. We could all do with 2 minutes a day of mindfulness to help us create calm from within and around us.

I have used these exact techniques with over 12 thousand parents, teachers and kids, so I know they work, are simple and quick. I have seen the power of taking the small steps approach over the past 10 years working in mindfulness education.

Here at Kids Meditate HQ we are all about helping kids and their greatest supporters create healthy habits for life, ONE small step at a time and in 2 minutes or less!

I'm a mum of three kids aged 5 and 3.and 1. I am a Primary Teacher with over 15 years of classroom experience, I am linked into hospital schools working with the Child Adolescent Mental Health Service and I am a presenter and author. Life is busy, overwhelming at times and the techniques I am excited to share with you, have been used with my own children and thousands of delightful, gorgeous preschool and primary school kids, my reason for creating these programs.

We are putting YOU and YOUR KIDS on the agenda for the next five days.