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Module 1 -OVERVIEW

Welcome! I am so excited to be here, WITH YOU.

There are a few key concepts I’m going to share with you before we dive into the course material. It’s really important you don’t skip this part, as it forms a ‘base’ upon which the entire course is built. In fact, I recommend you don’t skip a single thing throughout Passion Empire- even if you are a seasoned expert. It’s really easy to think, “I already know this”, and skip on by without DOING the work. But let me tell you something: the magic happens when you actually DO the work, put pen to paper, and then implement.



Start here. Module 1 is all about building your base. Please don’t skip any of the videos below. What you build here will set a very strong foundation for your business.


Lesson 1- Let’s Build Your Philosophy

The entire course is built on a ‘base’ that starts with a philosophy There’s a successful way to do this and a stressful way to do this. But that has a major influence on the way we approach our business model. A Business built on your passion should reflect you, and therefore attract the perfect clients for your business.

Lesson 2 - Let’s Get Focussed

It’s time to get clear on what YOUR perfect Passion Empire might look like in three specific areas, beginning with your goals, that of your business and those relating to your audience. Build this right and your clients will continue to buy from you.

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Lesson 3- Let’s do some mindset work

Most Passion based businesses would fall into the ‘Hobbyist’ bucket. They have all the right intentions, have a passion for their products and services, but they just don't treat it like a business. Their growth declines and they become deflated. This is the stage that the majority of small businesses fail. 20% of Passion based businesses thrive. Their growth curve looks like a staircase - year after year, they experience growth. These Passion Entrepreneurs approach their Passion like a business. They place a value on their time, their products and their self development.

Lesson 4 - What you need to serve your audience

This is all about your big 'WHY' and how it will drive your online business and serve your audience.

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Lesson 5 - Your Success Path

This lesson is your roadmap for success. What does it take to build a successful business? There are several different stages you’ll go through This will give you tremendous clarity around how to get the most out of Passion Empire going forward based on where you’re at right now.

3 minute meditation for inspired action in building your business. Guided Meditation by Kelly Mandemaker, Kids Meditate