Turn your knowledge, influence, or passion into a low-stress, high-profit business. Learn how to launch and grow a successful online business in this 6 module online training series – plus some additional bonuses!

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Let’s start by getting clear on your goals and intentions

Develop your personal roadmap for success

Become intimately aware of your big ‘why’

Get crystal clear about YOUR GOALS and how to align your passions with your profits

Create clear goals and intentions that honour both your personal and professional aspirations



We get clear on who you will serve and why.

Get to the heart of who your dream clients are and what makes them unique

Attract your dream clients by narrowing them down

Understand your audience’s ‘hot buttons’ and how your connection to them will always keep them coming back.


Simplicity is the key. We show you how to create valuable, stress free content….that sells

How to ATTRACT and more importantly, KEEP your clients.

The one ‘foolproof’ strategy that will guarantee retention.

How to structure your content

How to provide real value for your customers

How to set your content up in a stress-free way, for you, and your clients.



How to make your marketing authentic & relatable to your audience

How to set a pricing model that reflects your values, the type of client you want… and avoiding the one’s you don’t want!

How to stand out in a saturated online marketplace.

A step-by-step approach to building an awesome website

How to attract your dream clients and turn them into raving fans

How to become ‘visible’ online


Expand your offerings without the stress

The dark side of a 100% service-based business… and what to do instead

How to expand your offerings without expanding your stress!

The ins and outs of creating your first product, and sell it for $97 with ease.

How to launch your product… including the very strategies I use for my own launches


How to grow your business with automated systems

What growth really means and how to fully embrace it

How to create more impact with less effort

How to create streamlined systems and processes that enhance the client experience and make your life easier

Why challenging your Mind-Set is critical to your ongoing success and how to make it a part of your everyday business