Our Mindfulness Incursion is all about simple ways to calm the body. It is primarily based around physiological functions such as using 3 deep breaths, and basic meditation which is scientifically proven to calm down the parasympathetic nervous system in 30 seconds. Emotional literacy underpins this incursion to highlight how different emotions affect our body.

Students outcomes:

  • Identify and label emotions, the foundations to mindfulness

  • Explore ideas of being mindful to self, others and situations

  • Discover that 3 deep breaths is fundamental in calming the brain and body.

  • Recognise the connection between the brain, emotions, and the body.

  • Use engaging, tactile props to support their learning

  • Begin to form healthy habits experimenting with a 2 minute relaxation meditation

Class information:

Mindfulness incursions are 45 minute sessions
Max. 30 students per session (classroom cohort with teacher)
$225 per session

We come directly into each classroom to operate the sessions or we can set up in a break out space for rotating classrooms attending sessions.