Resilience Incursion



Our Resilience Incursion is designed to tackle the growing mental health rates in Aussie school kids by giving them practical and simple strategies to develop positive growth mindsets through concepts such as gratitude, positive self talk, emotional literacy development and a basic understanding of how their brain functions.

Through the use of engaging and hands on activities using a variety of learning props, students will conclude this 45 minute session with the very clear message that they can own their confidence, positive thoughts and self regulation strategies to calm the body and create a positive growth mindset.

Student outcomes:

  • Learn how positive emotion changes how the brain functions

  • Learn how the amygdala contributes to stress

  • Discover how the Prefrontal cortex becomes stronger

  • Discover the power of positive thoughts

  • Understand the impact that gratitude has on the brain and emotions

  • Use engaging, tactile props to support their learning

  • Begin to form healthy habits experimenting with a 2 minute relaxation meditation

Class information:

Resilience incursions are 45 minute sessions
Max. 30 students per session (classroom cohort with teacher)
$225 per session

We come directly into each classroom to operate the sessions or we can set up in a break out space for rotating classrooms attending sessions