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Resilient Kids are Made. Not Born.

Welcome! I am so excited to be here, WITH YOU.

If you are reading this, there’s one thing we already have in common. We both know the value of personal growth in our kids. Given that 1 in 7 kids are affected by mental illness in a given year, it’s our responsibility to impart simple, yet powerful skills to help them overcome the challenging days. And give them a tool they can draw on at the blink of an eye. This is what you will be getting in this inspirational and engaging program that can be done over 22 consecutive days, an entire term, or as part of an classroom integrated unit ( if you are a wonderful teacher reading this).

This is the ULTIMATE classroom program for students aged 4+ which has been delivered to over 1700 educators and parents’ inboxes globally.

Download your A4, full colour, 52 page program at a click of a button, delivered into your inbox instantly. It is licensed for up to 30 students and can be printed in colour or b&w.


Overview Welcome to the Happiness Experiment. positive growth mindset.

Day 1 One good thing about my day

Day 2 - One thing That made me laugh today

Day 3 - let’s meditate

Day 4 - Let’s tell a joke

Day 5- Colour yourself mindful

Day 6 - One good thing

Day 7 - One thing that made you laugh

Day 8- Let’s Meditate

Day 9- Tell a joke

Day 10- Colour yourself mindful

Day 11 - I am Proud

Day 12 One good thing

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Day 13- One thing that made me laugh

Day 14- Let’s Meditate

Day 15- Kindness

Day 16- Colour yourself mindful

Day 17- Positive Affirmation

Day 18- One good thing

Day 19 - Laugh out loud

Day 20 - Let’s Meditate


Day 21- Positive Affirmation

Day 22 - Colour yourself mindful